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Double gun drum type automatic sand blasting machine (roller blasting machine)


Meijun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an all-round company integrating sand blasting machines, sand blasting machine accessories and sand blasting rooms. We can customize sand blasting equipment suitable for customers according to customer needs. The high number of security is mainly

Environmental protection, dust-free and zero emissions.

Features of Meijun Double Gun Drum (Rolling Blue) Small Hardware Automatic Sand Blasting Machine:


本机型喷砂砂速度为一般的手动喷砂机的2倍以上; 1. The sand blasting speed of this model is more than twice that of ordinary manual sand blasting machines;

自动控制,自动喷砂; 2. Automatic control, automatic sand blasting;

美俊滚筒(滚蓝)转速度采用变频调速,运行平稳,能满足不同的加工需要;喷枪采用摆动机构, 3. The rotation speed of Meijun drum (rolling blue) adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which runs smoothly and can meet different processing needs; the spray gun adopts a swing mechanism,

具备定时,点动,定位 喷砂 等功能;4. With timing, jog, positioning sandblasting and other functions ;

工件装卸方便,操作简单,节省人力资源; 5. Convenient workpiece loading and unloading, simple operation, saving human resources;

滚筒尺寸及喷枪数量可视客户要求设定; 6. The size of the drum and the number of spray guns can be set according to customer requirements;

适合于细小工件的批量生产,如拉链头、螺丝等加工。 7. It is suitable for mass production of small workpieces, such as processing of zipper heads and screws.

Universal sandblasting workpiece range: used for batch processing of small hardware (plug, USB interface, screws, small rollers), gears, saw blades, and round shafts.
电子插件等塑胶产品。 The drum and blue roller are automatically rotated, easy to load and unload, and the spray gun can be operated manually or automatically. At the same time, it is also suitable for plastic products such as skeleton switch IC electronic plug-ins.
Equipment size and shape can be customized according to user needs.

喷砂时间可按需设定,定时自动喷砂,点动定位功能;可按客户要求定做;适用于小型五金件、塑胶件的批量处理、喷砂效率高,喷喷操作可手动也可自动。 8. Sand blasting time can be set as required, timing automatic blasting, jog positioning function; can be customized according to customer requirements; suitable for batch processing of small hardware and plastic parts, high blasting efficiency, blasting operation can also be manual Automatically.


(长**高) Equipment dimensions: L1000mm * W800mm * 1950mm (length * width * height)
(长**高) Equipment warehouse size: 900mm * 800mm * 780mm (length * width * height)
(直径)( 20-30kg )可按客户工件配备大小滚蓝 Roller size: 500mm (diameter) ( 20-30kg ) can be customized according to the size of the workpiece
2支耐磨喷砂枪 Spray gun specifications: ( 20 * 8 * 60mm ) 2 wear-resistant sandblasting guns
/分(可加装变频调速) Drum rotation speed: 8 rpm (can be equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation)
Drum motor: 380V / 50HZ / 400W
Dust removal motor: 380V / 50HZ / 550W
Air source requirements: pressure 2-7bar (kg / cm2)
Compressed flow: 1.5-2.0m3 / min
Steel plate thickness: 2- 5mm
个 Goggle frame: 1
个 Operating openings: 2
双 Sandblasted gloves: 1 pair
Single processing: 1-20KG
防爆节能灯 Machine lighting: 220V 13WLED explosion-proof energy-saving lamp
Air volume of separator: 12m3 / min
Total equipment weight: 300KG
Total equipment volume: 3m3
Total equipment power: 380V / 50HZ / 1100W
可以加装二次过滤零排放除尘) Dust removal method: bag type dust collector ( can be installed with secondary filtering and zero emission dust removal )



Scope of application

塑料,亚克力,树脂等工件或工艺品喷砂.五枪自动转台式液体喷砂机,适用于大中型零件的小批量生产。 Electronic hardware , ABS plastic , acrylic , resin and other workpieces or handicrafts . Sandblasting . Five-gun automatic rotary liquid sandblasting machine, suitable for small batch production of large and medium-sized parts.

Above models:

、空气源要求:压力7bar流量0.4-1.0立方米/min 1. Air source requirements: pressure 7bar, flow rate 0.4-1.0 cubic meters / min

、可根据客户要求的尺寸定做 2 , can be customized according to customer requirements



、前期准备工作:准备好大小合适的喷嘴、足够的空气流量及额定压力的空压机,颗粒均匀干燥的磨料,安全舒适的防护面具(防护衣及头盔)。 1. Preparatory work: Prepare an air compressor with a proper size nozzle, sufficient air flow and rated pressure, abrasive with uniform and dry particles, and a safe and comfortable protective mask (protective clothing and helmet).

、连接好气源、喷砂管、喷嘴并确定各处连接是否正确与牢固。 2. Connect the air source, blasting pipe, nozzle and make sure the connection is correct and firm.

、打开进气球阀至缸体内的气压达到0.7MPa ;检查各连接处是否漏气。 3. Open the balloon valve until the air pressure in the cylinder reaches 0.7MPa ; check whether there is air leakage at each connection.

、在缸体内装入适量的磨料,不要装太满(装至缸体容积的23 )。 4. Put a proper amount of abrasive in the cylinder, and do not overfill it (installed to 2/3 of the cylinder volume).

、握牢喷砂管的前端,打开砂阀,使喷嘴以适当的角度(≤ 45? о)和距离指向需清理的物件表面。 5. Hold the front of the sandblasting tube firmly, open the sand valve, and make the nozzle point to the surface of the object to be cleaned at an appropriate angle (≤ 45? О) and distance.

、当砂缸内磨料喷完后需添加磨料时,或因故障需要停止喷砂时,先关闭进气源,再打开排气球阀排气,当气排完后方可添加磨料或进行维修等事宜的处理工作。 6. When the abrasive in the sand cylinder needs to be added after the abrasive is sprayed, or when the sand blasting needs to be stopped due to a failure, first turn off the air source and then open the exhaust ball valve to exhaust. When the exhaust is complete, add the abrasive or perform maintenance Matter handling.


Cleaning of workpiece surface

)色铸造件的氧化皮、型砂等;无余量加工精密铸件的氧化皮、型砂等;机械加工件的残留物、微毛刺等;焊接件的氧化皮、焊渣等;冷、热轧钢板(型钢)的氧化皮、锈蚀层等;各种模具型腔的脱模剂、沉积物等;陶瓷元件表面的烧结残留物;塑料成型件的飞边;物体表面的放射性元素;桥梁、水电站闸板、船舶、建筑物;机场跑道的橡胶附着层;火车车厢;各种管道和容器罐;旧机件的油污、附着物等;集装箱的残漆、锈蚀层和附着物等;瓷器上错误的烧结层;装饰表面的划伤…… . Oxide scale, residual salt, residual oil, etc. after heat treatment; oxide scale, molding sand, etc. of black ( non-ferrous) castings; oxide scale, molding sand, etc. of precision castings without margin; machining residues, microburrs, etc. Scales and slags of welding parts; scales and rust layers of cold and hot rolled steel plates ( profiles ) ; mold release agents and deposits of various mold cavities; sintering residues on the surface of ceramic components; plastic molding Flashing of parts; radioactive elements on the surface of objects; bridges, hydropower stations, ships, buildings; rubber coatings for airport runways; train cars; various pipes and containers; oil pollution and attachments of old parts; containers Residual paint, rust layer and attachments; wrong sintered layer on porcelain; scratches on decorative surfaces ...

Pre-treatment of workpiece surface before coating

Before painting and baking; before spraying plastic; before metal spraying; before zinc plating, chromium and nickel; before oxidation treatment; before flaw detection ...

1 . Change the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece to increase or decrease the surface roughness; change the surface tensile stress to compressive stress; improve the surface lubrication status; reduce the movement noise of the parts; increase the surface friction coefficient ...

2 . Finishing of workpiece surface

Polishing of metal decorative surfaces; obtaining matt or diffuse reflective surfaces; polishing of wooden products ...

3 . Cleaning and preservation of parchment and other artwork

4 . Clean the surface of brushes, contactors, wiring, etc. to improve the conductivity .

Sandblasting machine us (Mei Jun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.) is professional.

The company's machinery products provide a one-year warranty service.

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