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Rust blasting machine for pipe inside and outside


Parameters :

Sand cylinder diameter : 600MM    Sand tank height : 1300MM

立方 Sand tank volume : 0.3 cubic  

平方/小时 Descaling efficiency : 15-30 square / hour

立方/分钟(单枪) Air consumption : 3 m3 / min ( single shot )

Air source pressure : 0.6-0.7MPA

Divided by configuration :

基本型:纯手动型,基本为保压式装配. 1) Basic type : pure manual type , which is basically a pressure-proof assembly .

球阀控制开关)+调砂阀(球阀控制开关).不安装电控和气动控制系统,需要2人同时操作,一人拿枪对工件喷砂,另外一人控制机器开关. Intake valve ( ball valve control switch ) + sand control valve ( ball valve control switch ). Without electric control and pneumatic control system , 2 people need to operate at the same time , one person takes a gun to sand the workpiece , and the other controls the machine switch .

保压型:电动控制型或气动控制型 2) Holding pressure type : electric control type or pneumatic control type

铝合金截止阀)+调砂阀(EMPAIR气控砂阀或手动砂阀). Intake valve ( aluminum alloy globe valve ) + sand control valve (EMPAIR air control sand valve or manual sand valve ).

需手工卸压. The sand tank always maintains pressure and needs to be manually depressurized .

不管喷枪上开关任何一次开关,只要不去打开砂罐顶部侧面的排气球阀,缸内压力就不会卸掉 The characteristic is : No matter whether the switch is turned on or off once , as long as the exhaust ball valve on the top side of the sand tank is not opened , the pressure in the cylinder will not be removed.

手动砂阀自排泄除外:会造成砂管积砂严重),适合短时间的点状喷砂. ( Except for manual sand valve self-draining : it will cause serious sand accumulation in the sand pipe ), suitable for short-time point blasting .

卸压型:电动控制型或气动控制型 3) Pressure relief type : electric control type or pneumatic control type

铝合金截止阀)+调砂阀(EMPAIR气控砂阀或手动砂阀)+自动气控排气阀. Intake valve ( aluminum alloy globe valve ) + sand control valve (EMPAIR air control sand valve or manual sand valve ) + automatic air control exhaust valve .

罐内压力为工作压力,停机自动排气,罐内压力为0,适合长时间的大面积喷砂. When sand blasting works , the pressure in the tank is the working pressure . When the tank is stopped, it is automatically vented . The pressure in the tank is 0, which is suitable for long-term large-area blasting .

起安全保证的作用,同时也是自动回砂必备的装配方式. The pressure in the tank will never exceed the limit pressure , which plays a role in ensuring safety and is also a necessary assembly method for automatic sand return .

With the inner wall sand blaster, the inner wall of the pipe can be cleaned by sand blasting.


船舶制造喷砂,桥梁、铁路、集装箱、石油化工设施等钢结构涂装前的表面处理,除锈防腐处理及牛仔服装花式喷砂。 Pressure mobile sand blasting machine products are widely used in sand blasting and three-dimensional engraving of glass, marble and other stone materials, sand blasting in shipbuilding , surface treatment before painting steel structures such as bridges, railways, containers, and petrochemical facilities , and rust removal. Anti-corrosion treatment and fancy sandblasting of denim clothing.

结构紧凑,性能优越,操作简单,方便. 1.Compact structure , superior performance , simple and convenient operation .

缸体的设计和生产符合压力容器标准,安全可靠. 2.The design and production of the cylinder body comply with the pressure vessel standard , which is safe and reliable .

采用标准通用件,易更换,成本更底. 3.Using standard universal parts , easy to replace and lower cost .

加装瞬间控制功能,采用电动控制或气动控制,满足客户不同的需求,可单独一人操作. 4.Instantaneous control function is installed , which adopts electric control or pneumatic control to meet the different needs of customers and can be operated by one person alone .

外壳经过喷砂和采用先进防锈喷漆,杜绝锈蚀. 5, the shell is sandblasted and uses advanced anti-rust spray paint to prevent rust .

加装车轮,移动方便. 6, add wheels , easy to move .    

喷砂除锈用的砂,要求颗粒坚硬、有棱角、干燥无泥土及其他杂质; Abrasive control ; sand used for sandblasting and rust removal, requiring hard particles, edges and corners, dry and free of dirt and other impurities;

Quartz sand is better, but coarse river sand is also available. At the same time, sand transportation conditions should be considered.

1.5mm为宜,筛选前须晒干,存储 And other factors; the particle size of the sand is preferably 0.5 to 1.5mm , it should be dried and stored before screening

48(粒径1.2mm )、细筛372476Inside and inside the shed, the size of the sieve holes are: coarse sieve 40 to 48 holes ( particle diameter 1.2mm ), fine screen 372 to 476

(Particle diameter 0.3mm)


× 1056.5 × 105Pa ,气压变幅为 During the blasting operation, the air pressure of the air compressor is 6.0 × 1056.5 × 105Pa , and the air pressure fluctuation range is

× 1051.0 × 105Pa 0.5 × 105 to 1.0 × 105Pa . × 1055.5 × 105Pa ,不得小于 Generally, the pressure of the sand bucket is 4.5 × 1055.5 × 105Pa , which must not be less than

× 105Pa 4.0 × 105Pa . 是否在合适的开关位置、 Before blasting, check whether the various pipes and control valves of the blasting machine are connected properly,

Is the protective tool, safety belt (rope) and oxygen supply device worn by the blaster safe and reliable, and the wear of the nozzle?

时宜更换喷嘴. The nozzle should be replaced when the diameter is increased by 25% .

The compressed air must be processed by a cooling device and an oil-water separator to ensure that it is dry and free of oil;

300mm为宜, The oil-water separator must be regularly cleaned. The distance between the nozzle and the surface of the base steel is preferably 100 to 300 mm .

Before sandblasting, the non-sandblasted parts should be protected.


°~ 30 °为宜喷砂除锈后、进行下一道工序前, The angle between the spray direction and the surface normal of the base steel is preferably 15 ° ~ 30 °. After sandblasting and rust removal, before the next process,

In case of rain or other conditions that cause the surface of the substrate steel to be wet, after the environment has reached the construction conditions, use a dry

Compressed air is used to dry the surface after construction. If sand blasting is required, the abrasive requirements must not be reduced to avoid reducing the roughness.


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