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Boron carbide oil nozzle


Boron carbide oil nozzle, petroleum pipeline sandblasting nozzle, petroleum pipeline sandblasting gun, boron carbide nozzle, sandblasting nozzle

Oil field nozzle

Dongguan Meijun Sandblasting Equipment cooperates with China University of Petroleum and related petroleum research institutes to develop wear-resistant and pressure-resistant oilfield-specific water and sand-jetting boron carbide nozzles.

The products have been applied to some large oilfields and supporting machinery in China, and satisfactory results have been achieved. Welcome to consult!


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(Boron Carbide nozzle, B4C)

品质一流 , 技术一流 , 价格低 ! 型号齐全 , 厂家直销 ! 质量保证 , 价格更优 . The boron carbide nozzle has first-class quality, first-class technology , and low price ! Complete model , factory direct sales ! Quality assurance , better price .

特点: Features of boron carbide nozzles of Dongguan Humen Meijun Sandblasting Equipment:

Compared with other companies' products, we guarantee:

绝对的高温烧结碳化硼制品,硬度高,韧性高,耐磨度高,寿命高; 1) Absolute high temperature sintered boron carbide products, high hardness, high toughness, high wear resistance and long life;    

外观整洁,光洁。 2) The appearance is neat and smooth.

外圆,内孔成圆率高; 3) Outer circle, high roundness of inner hole;

绝对保证为纯碳化硼微粉烧结而成,不用其他材料替代,为碳化硼纯料。 4) It is absolutely guaranteed that it is sintered from pure boron carbide fine powder, without other materials to replace, it is pure boron carbide.

具有与碳化硼相同的性能: Performance characteristics of sintered boron carbide nozzles in hot-pressed high-temperature furnaces have the same properties as boron carbide:

The cross section is a spiral radioactive pattern, and the basic nozzle shape is a cylinder and a vertebra, which is difficult to be shaped and stepped.

极硬又耐磨 1) Extremely hard and wear-resistant

与酸碱不起反应 2) Does not react with acids and bases

耐高、低温,耐高压 3) High and low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance

密度≥ 2.46gcm3; 4) Density ≥ 2.46g , cm3;

显微硬度≥ 3500kgf/mm2 5) Micro hardness ≥ 3500kgf / mm2 ;

抗弯强度≥ 400Mpa 6) Bending strength ≥ 400Mpa ;

熔点为2450 ℃。 7) Melting point is 2450 ℃.

碳化硼喷砂嘴在要求耐磨性的行业中已经逐渐取代已知的硬质 Due to the above characteristics of wear resistance and high hardness of boron carbide nozzles , boron carbide sandblasting nozzles have gradually replaced known hard materials in industries requiring wear resistance.

Sandblasting nozzles of alloy tungsten steel and silicon carbide, silicon nitride, aluminum oxide, zirconia and other materials.    

小时(参考) Estimated nozzle life with conventional blasting: 800 hours (reference)  

使用时效是钨钢喷嘴的5-10倍以上! The aging time of boron carbide nozzle is more than 5-10 times that of tungsten steel nozzle !

Nozzle material

Reference life in different blasting media

小时 Glass beads / hour

小时 Quartz sand / hour

  小时 Brown corundum / hour

Alumina ceramic nozzle




Carbide tungsten steel nozzle




High temperature sintered boron carbide nozzle




● General stocking specifications :  

系列: 20MM series :    外径20MM*35/45/50/60/80/82MM Inner diameter Φ (1.05-12) * outer diameter 20MM * length 35/45/50/60/80 / 82MM  

系列: 15MM series :    外径15/16MM*35/40/55MM Inner diameter Φ (1.05-10) * outer diameter 15 / 16MM * length 35/40 / 55MM  

系列: 28mm series :    mm*外径28MM*75/80M Inner diameter Φ 10/12/14 mm * Outer diameter 28MM * Length 75 / 80M

    Unconventional special model nozzle:

According to the drawings and dimensions provided by customers, welcome to customize.

的特性: Characteristics of boron carbide materials :

\ 强碱不起反应等特点。 Boron carbide is one of the hardest man-made materials. It has the characteristics of light weight, semiconductor physical properties, neutron absorption, high grinding efficiency, and no reaction with strong acids and alkalis.

9,36 ,显微硬度为 5400 6300 千克每平方米,密度为 2.52 千克每平方米,熔点为 2450 摄氏度, Mohs hardness is 9,36 , micro hardness is 5400 to 6300 kg per square meter, density is 2.52 kg per square meter, melting point is 2450 degrees Celsius,

Boron carbide is a hexagonal dark black. Due to the above characteristics and properties, boron carbide is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace and military industries, etc.

Abrasives can be made to process gems, ceramics, knives, bearings, and used as refractories in various fields of metallurgy,

" Magin " 品牌碳化硼喷砂嘴采用高纯度坚硬材料, 以高细高纯超微的碳化硼微粉为 Dongguan Humen Meijun sandblasting equipment " Magin " brand boron carbide sandblasting nozzle uses high-purity hard materials , and uses high-quality ultra-fine ultra-fine boron carbide powder

, 产品充分考虑众多厂家对喷嘴寿命高的需求,不断改良,经过众多大型玻璃深 The raw materials are produced by hot-pressing and high-temperature sintering technology . The product fully considers the requirements of many manufacturers for high nozzle life , and is continuously improved .

真正做到了性价比的平衡,深受厂家好评,产品已稳定供应港台地区和东 Processing, electronics manufacturing, hardware die-casting and other enterprise applications have truly achieved a cost-effective balance and are well received by manufacturers.The products have been stably supplied to Hong Kong, Taiwan and East China.

并在欧美获得一定量的销售,拥有了很多客户的信任! South Asia region , and obtained a certain amount of sales in Europe and the United States, has the trust of many customers !   

Customer groups are sandblasting machinery manufacturers, shipyards, ship repairs, offshore engineering equipment factories, hardware processing plants, glass deep processing, solar industry, photovoltaics

、风力发电业, 汽车工业、 IT制造、石油工业、模具咬花厂、压铸厂、轮毂厂、芯片厂、五金厂、喷涂 Optoelectronics industry , wind power industry, automotive industry, IT manufacturing, petroleum industry, mold biting factory, die casting factory, wheel factory, chip factory, hardware factory, spray coating

Plants, oxidation plants, electroplating plants and other enterprises that have a large demand for sandblasting machine accessories

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